Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Was watching 8TV’s Quickie and saw a clip of Faizal Tahir, runner up of Malaysia’s One In A Million singing talent show, apologising for going topless during a live performance on stage at the 4th birthday party concert of TV station 8TV. Curious as to what it was about, I did some creative google searching and turned up an article describing the incident.

The gist of the story is that Faizal Tahir was imitating his idol, Tom Welling (Clark Kent / Superman), from the hit TV series Smallville. In the pilot episode of Smallville, a young Clark Kent is subjected to a high school prank. He’s tied to a stake in a middle of a field like a scare crow with a big ‘S’ spray painted across his chest in red (S for Smallville).

I can’t claim to have seen what he was doing. But unless it was something really extreme, I say let the man do what he wants. From what I’ve read, he stripped off his shirt and unbuckled his pants. I’m not sure if he dropped the pants or not. If he did, then maybe he went a little too far. If not, then what’s the big deal? Don’t go making such a big fuss out of it.

I don’t know. When was it illegal to walk around shirtless (or taking off your shirt in public)? Granted that there are more appropriate places and occasions for taking off shirts (e.g. @ the beach?) but does his action really warrant the level of criticism and bashing that he’s received? To the point that he has to make a public apology? Label me as having lose morals or whatever but I really don’t see any problem with it. Maybe it is as he says…

“I am truly sorry for offending Malaysians. I have done this gimmick before and nobody complained about it. It was all for fun. In future, I will bear in mind that not everyone in Malaysia is open-minded enough to accept mildly ‘wild’ antics associated with rock performances”
- Faizal Tahir -

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